Science For Sport Podcast 10

In deze Engelse podcast is head coach Noël te gast bij Matt Solomon van Science For Sport Podcast nummer 10. Deze podcast is gericht op coaches en trainers. Science For Sport is een service die alle recente sportonderzoeken samenvat en beschikbaar maakt voor strength en conditioning coaches.
Coach Noël bespreekt met Matt hoe hij en zijn team bij Breda Strength & Conditioning een unieke cultuur en community hebben gecreëerd.
Deze Engelse podcast is te beluister op alle podcast platforms.

About this Episode

In episode ten, Noel Brand, co-owner of Breda Strength & Conditioning, joins us.

Specifically Noel will be looking at:

  • Why it’s important to develop culture
  • How he went about this
  • How he made Breda S&C’s own beer
  • Specific examples of providing value for his clients

About Noel:

“I am the co-owner and head coach of Breda Strength & Conditioning which will have its 10 year aniversary next year. I am a former marine, I left the Royal Netherlands Marine Morps as a corperal, there I was a physical training instructor, and after 14 years I went fulltime into being a strength and conditoining coach. I deployed into afgan as a specifal forces medic with the 23rd Airbourne Marines. And at Breda S&C which is now my full time job I train a wide variey of people, gen-pop, military, military hopefulls, competitive and pro athletes and my 69 year old mum! I run the gym with my wife Sanne, we have a 4 month old daugher named Elin, and a Melgian Malinois named Odin. I’m persoanlly active in S&C, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Triathlon”

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